Non-RPL Distance Full Qualification (3 modules) – Level 4




  • The Short Term Insurance qualification Level 4 can be completed by any person – Matric is NOT an entry level requirement
    • This is an entry level qualification required by all persons that will be registered for Short Term Insurance products with the FSCA
    • You can complete the full qualification by specialising in either personal or commercial lines – this also includes the Class of Business (CoB) certificate for the respective product category completed, and if required, we can assess you against the other that you did not complete with us (i.e. if you complete the qualification in personal lines, we will issue the personal lines CoB to you.  You are then also able to complete the commercial lines CoB with us, if needed)
    • We have divided the qualification into 3 integrated modules and offer it via distance learning for persons with less than 5 years’ technical Short Term Insurance
    • If you have more than 5 years’ experience, we suggest you complete the qualification via RPL (Once-off assessment via Recognition of Prior Learning)


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