• Distance learning full qualification via 3 modules for persons with less than 5 years’ technical Short Term Insurance experience

Full Qualification

Any person may enroll and complete the full qualification in Short Term Insurance, matric is not an entry level requirement.

We have divided the full qualification into 3 integrated modules. Once all 3modules with its respective assessments are completed, the full qualification will be awarded. This takes approx 6 – 12 months, depending on your  commitment to the process.

Concessions are available for persons that passed certain subjects in matric, to a maximum of 56 credits.

The process

  • You complete the learner registration form and return it with a copy of your ID and Matric Certificate (if applicable)
  • You will be invoiced and upon payment we e-mail you the portfolio template and learner guide for module 1
  • Using the learner guide and other resources, you will complete the portfolio and return it to us for assessment
  • We send you feedback as well as the mock exam
  • Once returned, we assess and provide you with feedback
  • You then complete the final closed book summative assessment
  • This process is repeated for all 3 modules
  • R17,500.00
  • 12 months
  • Course Certificate

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